Reliable production monitoring since 1999





Continuous & Batch

Monitor the performance of your Continuous or Batch production process, in one view.

All relevant KPI's

Gain complete transparency on OEE, Efficiencies, Productivity, Energy consumption and Waste.

Web-based live displays

Benefit from Live information across all your teams, anywhere and on any device.


Communicate facts in corporate structure, in each user’s native language.

From Early to Enterprise

Start with creating awareness on Downtime and Waste or enable your Continuous Improvement teams with analysis tooling.

Managed service, OPEX focus

Experience the convenience of a state of the art cloud software service, available on a monthly subscription (Opex instead of Capex).

Schedule a free web-meeting

Discover in a free personal web-meeting what production monitoring can bring you. We can discuss your specific needs and requirements and show you how Patch Production monitoring can cover.

Patch Production monitoring is a service provided by Frontix bv

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